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Our purpose is to empower and inspire women around the world through the magical art of silver jewelry. The remarkable pieces that we bring to life are meant to express your individual personality and style in a unique way. We revolutionize the way people consider and wear jewelry - rather than merely an accessory, it is a journey towards the self and the world.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I bought the Aesthetics silver ring from Silenti and it's beautiful. The moonstone in the center catches the light in a really pretty way. It's simple, fits well, and looks great. Really happy with it and the quick service from the store. Solid 5 stars.
— Isabelle
Customer reviews
So impressed with the customer service at Silenti. They really went above and beyond to help me choose the perfect gift.
— Luca
Customer reviews
The free express delivery was a pleasant surprise. My order arrived right on time and was even more beautiful than I expected.
— Emma
Customer reviews
The quality of Silenti Jewelry is unmatched. I've received numerous compliments on my pieces.
— Nora


Exceptional quality in both materials and craftsmanship. Every piece is made of sterling silver 925 and laboratory-verified for authenticity.


Every piece of our jewelry is backed by a two-year warranty from the day of receipt, accompanied by a quality certificate.


Each jewelry piece arrives in a branded box, perfect for gifting or ensuring its protection for years to come.


All orders are dispatched from our warehouse either the same day or the next business day. Delivery is always free and protected.


Whether you have a question or need some help, our friendly team is always available. Message us anytime - we're always happy to hear from you and assist in any way we can.

Since 2019

Making History

Silenti Jewelry unfolds a world where each silver piece, carefully crafted, tells a story rich with creativity and journey. Born from the aesthetic lanes of Copenhagen in 2019 and fostered by the unity of three friends, our designs bridge the minimalist charm of Denmark with vibrant, spirited tales from Bulgaria. We invite you to not just wear, but live our pieces, joining a global community where every shimmer is a shared chapter of adventures, expressions, and exquisite elegance across borders.

Silver Whispers of Timeless Elegance

Step into a world where every piece of jewelry is a journey to timeless elegance. Find designs that outlast passing trends, mixing modern style with classic beauty. Here, creations inspired by nature’s quiet charm become a way for your unique story to shine through. Explore a place of tailored elegance, where each piece connects personally, inviting you to add your story into a lasting canvas of beautiful art and charm.

Gift a treasure - Celebrate a bond

In every gifted piece of jewelry resides a timeless memory, a symbol that echoes the steadfastness of bonds and the gentle promises of love. More than a mere gift, it mirrors and weaves our collective journeys, cradling precious moments within its delicate artistry, and reflecting a rich mosaic of shared experiences. Each piece is not only an emblem of enduring connections but also a whisper of cherished moments, beautifully encapsulated in tangible, everlasting elegance.