Silenti Jewelry was born in April 2019, when a trio of friends - kindred spirits fueled by creativity and finesse - resolved to redefine the elegance of silver through contemporary, high-quality jewelry. The seed of our vision was sown with the ambition to revolutionize how people perceive online jewelry shopping. We firmly believe that jewelry should not merely be worn but experienced; it should be a conduit through which individuals embrace and express their unique identities in profound and distinctive ways.

Our journey began on the enchanting Sankt Knuds Vej street in Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen, where two of our founders resided and pursued their education. Nestled in the heart of Copenhagen, the neighborhood of Frederiksberg C is a crown jewel of the Danish capital, renowned for its diverse attractions and exclusive boutiques hosted by local and international designers. The splendid marriage of modern flair and quintessential Danish minimalist design ignited our inspiration. The local brands painted the town with a spirit that soared high, embracing the subtleties and personal touches that made each customer feel cherished. Amidst the symphony of brilliance, there was one niche that especially captivated us - the jewelers of Copenhagen. Their innovative designs and minimalist elegance that graced the storefronts became the subject of our endless conversations and admiration.

It dawned on us that such a concept was glaringly absent in Bulgaria. While there were numerous places to purchase jewelry, the personal touch was missing. We observed that the younger generations were left with no choice but to turn to big international brands for their favorite accessories. Though not inherently flawed, we aspired to craft an alternative - exquisite silver jewelry with contemporary designs, infused with a personalized approach and heartfelt care for each individual who bestowed upon us their trust. Armed with boundless ambition and motivation, we birthed a brand that elevated creativity and the personal touch to a pedestal. Today, we take immense pride in asserting that Silenti Jewelry Bulgaria is one of the leading silver jewelry brands in the country. Gratitude has been a cornerstone of our ethos, and as a homage to Denmark, our second home and initial muse, in 2022 we extended our passion and rich heritage to where it all began.

A year into our wondrous journey, it dawned upon us that the enchantment and beguiling charm of Silenti Jewelry were far too precious to be ensconced within mere borders. Like the timeless beauty of a star-lit sky, our creations deserved to be a gift cherished across the tapestry of the world. It was in this very moment of revelation that the seed of an international store was lovingly planted in our hearts and minds.

Our mission is to empower and inspire women around the world through the magical art of jewelry. Our unique pieces, meticulously crafted with love and devotion, serve as the canvas through which your style and individuality can be unrestrainedly expressed. Silenti Jewelry is at the forefront of a revolution in how people perceive and adorn jewelry – transcending the realms of mere accessories; our creations become an odyssey to self-discovery and the world beyond.

Now, with the wings of our international store, Silenti Jewelry is embracing hearts far and wide. The beauty of our collections is now at the fingertips of people from every corner of the earth.

Our creations are whispers from Copenhagen, echoes of Bulgaria, and now they are ready to become stories of you and the world. With open hearts and dazzling designs, we invite you to weave your tale with ours as part of the Silenti Jewelry family. Through our international store, Silenti Jewelry travels across seas and time zones to adorn you, wherever you may be.

Welcome to the global family of Silenti Jewelry, where elegance knows no bounds and where each piece is a journey in itself.