In our longstanding experience as a silver jewelry store, we've recognized the importance of adhering to the legal regulations and requirements surrounding the sale of silver jewelry. As a company registered in Bulgaria, we must comply with stringent guidelines to ensure the authenticity and quality of our products.

Firstly, any enterprise dealing in silver jewelry in Bulgaria is mandated to obtain a certification from the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy. This certification encompasses a set of rules and regulations aimed at safeguarding consumers from unregulated silver dealers.

Furthermore, another crucial legal requirement pertains to the inspection of every individual silver jewelry item. Whether a business is involved in manufacturing or importing silver jewelry, each piece undergoes a meticulous inspection in a laboratory overseen by the NRA. The National Revenue Agency is responsible for the marking of every piece retailed within the nation. We are proud to state that all our silver jewelry receives its marking from an official precious metals testing and marking laboratory, accredited by the NRA. Only manufacturers, importers, and dealers of gold and silver items are permitted to utilize these laboratory services. This testing and marking process is a non-negotiable legal requisite. However, it's worth noting that jewelry younger than a year or those whose design might be compromised by marking are only documented, with no physical stamp applied to avert potential damage.

Given our adherence to all necessary licenses and certifications, we also provide a certificate of quality and authenticity for every item in our collection. Our sterling silver jewelry boasts a 925 purity, each item having undergone laboratory testing and subsequently marked with the international 925 notation and the Bulgarian silver hallmark. Purchasing from us ensures you receive a quality certificate detailing the type of jewelry, the silver grade, the variety of stones, and the weight.